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Introduction Location- A couple of miles up the Glengariff River there is a crag known locally the The Eagle's Nest or Faill Ceannainn.

Description - On this cliff here is a central white nose with tree-filled gullies on either side. On each side of these gullies there is a darker set-back face. To the right of the right face there is another tree-filled gully and then a large buttress.

Ms E. Healy, F. Winder (shared leads). August 1957
The climb runs up the side of the buttress, just to the right of the gully, passing to the left of a patch of trees on the face. It starts up a broad black slab with a groove on its right starting half way up and leading to a pedestal.
1. 20m. Climb the slab, diagonalling right to the groove and ascend to the pedestal. Ascend a wall from the pedestal. Thread belay.
2. 20m. Ascend to a few holly trees slightly to the left.
3. 20m. Climb the edge on the right and then straight up to a vegetated ledge below a steep wall. Move slightly left. Belay using crack.
4. 15m. Climb the wall to the right of the tree-filled gully.
5. 30m. Climb vegetation and short walls to a crack (runner). Climb the crack and pull out right at the top (hard).
6. 30m. Climb slabs.
7. 10m. Climb a final corner.