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Irish Climbing Database

There are two main methods of accessing the database.

  1. The Irish Climbing Database page is a text list of crags by county.
  2. The Interactive Map is a Google map of over 200 pins listing crags, gyms, stacks, etc.

This database supplements the Mountaineering Ireland guidebooks.

Anybody can read the contents of the database, but to edit, you'll need an account or send new route reports to Please see Readers Guide and Editors Guide sections below.

NOTE: DUE TO A RECENT SOFTWARE UPGRADE (March 2021), all logins had to be removed, and new registrations are required. So please use the Create Account page to register. Alternatively, email and I can manually register you.

List of Updates:

  • New WYSIWYG Editor, no more having to deal with wiki mark up language.
  • Updated the wiki software from a 12-year-old version to a right-up-to-the-minute version.
  • New mobile-friendly skin. Makes the info much more readable on portable devices.
  • New interactive map with more than 100 pins.

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