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The crag is situated 8 miles south of Enniskillen, and 3 miles SSW of Florencecourt on the Blacklion to Swanlinbar road (Grid Ref. H 179 315, Sheet 26, Lough Allen) The nature of the rock and the care needed in climbing is well reflected in the description of the only route. The original description is used for historical insight into the style of the first ascent practised at the time.

Rogers, Fulton 1968
Start at the right of the biggest corner on the cliff to the right of the tree.Move up 6m, then right, go up and left to rejoin the corner. Go left below the overhang and move up gently on loose blocks. Place peg to the right and move up on to a small platform. Pull up on a block (gently!) and then move right. Continue up a blocky pillar to a small platform. Above is a shallow gully with loose rock walls on either side and much grass and ivy in the middle. Place a peg here. It is possible to place two small nuts in the next 2m. Move up into the gully and then left. Exit carefully.