Nire Valley

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Above the Sgilloge Loughs there are numerous gullies to venture up.

The walk in from the Nire Valley car park takes 1 hour.

Dead Sheeps Gully- Severe

The most impressive, deepest, darkest, dankest gully in the coum. This gully is located above the western Sgilloge Lough. Follow a line of scree from the eastern aspect of the lough upwards. After two grassy steps you will come to an overhang that will be a waterfall if it has rained recently. Stem facing outwards up this until it is possible to pull onto the right face and move gingerly up some grass to a belay. Continue easily to the top.

Salad Gully - Severe

J. Tremayne, P. Kelly, January 2018

A steep narrow gully located above the eastern Sgilloge Lough. It is the first gully north of the Waterfall. Climb up a grass steep. Skirt the next steep step by climbing vegetation and rock on its left hand side. At the third step climb up through the stream and prepare to get wet! Continue easily to the top.