Black Valley

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There is a very impressive cliff above Lough Googh, though it proves to be more broken when one gets onto it. It has some fine individual portions, particularly a magnificent vertical rib about 100m high that was not attempted.

N. Masterson, F. Winder (leads shared) April 1955
The route taken followed a short slab leading up to the left gully, then crossed the gully, went up diagonally right to the right gully and across this. Climbed a couple of nice slabs to the right of this, followed by a tricky vegetated wall. The route then took a groove leading to the top. The upper part of this was quite hard and Noel Masterson had about a 10m fall which led to the name. Following this, a traverse was made to easier ground to the right, and an ascent made from there to the ridge of the Reeks.