An Sás / Sauce Creek

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Info on An Sás sent in from Stephen Mc Auliffe on 12/10/2016 - "Myself and Francis Jan Kluzniak went to An Sás (Sauce creek on the maps) near Mt Brandon (Cnoc Bréanainn) yesterday to have a look at a rock face that as far as I know hasn’t been climbed. I have attached a picture of the face and the three routes we did are marked on it. As I say I can find no record of this crag being climbed but perhaps I am wrong. Even so it was a superb day out in a stunning place."

Sauce creek.jpg

Red I called Playing it safe and it is 35mtrs Mod

Blue I called Reaching for the sky and is 30mtrs Diff

Green I called Edge of Heaven and is 40mtrs VDiff***