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Location: A valley runs north into the hills just west of Adrigole Mountain.

Approach: On the left (west) of this valley is a steep and vegetated cliff called Faill an Aiteann. Two streams come down the back of the valley. There is a broad buttress of rock between the two streams, with a white band of rock across it.

Description: This band is known locally as ‘comhladh’ (a term used to refer to a slab of rock in such a position, because of its similarity to a doorway), and is white because it is dry and lichened. Near the left hand side a great flake is partially detached and a crack runs up its face.

Hospitality 85m HS
F. Winder, Ms E. Healy. 5.8.54
The climb takes the crack in the face of the flake.
1) 25m. Climb the steep crack with a strenuous layback near the top. Watch out for brittle holds. Runners available.
2) 60m. Pleasant climbing on easy slabs follows.