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Irish Climbing Online Wiki

Irish Climbing Route Database. This supplements the Mountaineering Ireland guidebooks.

To contribute to the database please subscribe to the Irish Climbing Online forum or send new route reports to

Guidebook Publication

Compiling A Climbing Guidebook

Notes to help editors bring a climbing guide to publication.


For general queries on the climbing or areas described in the wiki content please subscribe to the Irish Climbing Online forum. The administrators of the site may not be experts in the activity or the area described in the wiki content. It's a much better idea to ask your question of the active local climbers who can be contacted via the forum.

For all website related matters please contact

Readers Guide

For information on using the wiki please consult the Reader User's Guide.

Adding comments on routes

Comments on the content of the page may be added by going to the discussion tab and either editing the existing discussion or better still using the + link to the right of the edit link and add a new topic of discussion.

There's a certain way of laying out comments. You use a preceding colon to indicate that its a response to a previous comment. Two colons for a response to a response and so on.

Please sign your comments using the signature button on the toolbar for this. It is always useful to know when a comment was made

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Leave the cursor at the end of your comment and click the button. It will insert a blob of characters and you need do no more, just save and exit.

Editors Guide

For information on editing and updating the wiki content please consult the Editor User's Guide. However the following section gives a rapid overview of what is involved.

If you don't have the ê or Ê for arête or ARÊTE on your keyboard, copy/paste from here.

Logging In

To edit the Irish Climbing Online Route Database website you need to login - use the same username and password as you use for the Irish Climbing Online forum.

Editing a page

Editing a Page

Adding a Photo Topo

Here is a link to a free topo maker just for making topos for climbing. It is so much easier than using any type of publishing software or Microsoft products like Word. If you want to see what the end product looks like check out the update for the Gap of Dunloe or Rusheen Guide on here. It produces high quality easy to understand picture topos. [1]