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Walking up to this crag I thought "this is far too vegetated to be worth trying..." How wrong I was! It's grassy but none of it gets in the way. Fantastic route, finished up the broad rib as for the next route. Every pitch was great and in a fantastic adventurous setting - Richard.

Ansty's Desire

This is great, don't let the grass in the lower corner put you off! A fantastic route with plenty of varied movements - Richard.

A Walk On The West End

Hardly the best lower grade route in the area, I thought Stevedores and The Listing Attic (Mahon Valley) were both better and neither are much harder. The first pitch is poorly protected - Richard.

Climbing in the Coum

The south facing cliff routes are far inferior to the fine steep climbing on the north facing cliffs. Many climbers head to the sunny friendly side but they miss out on the proper climbing. It is for this reason that the climbing in the coum has been given an undeserved reputation of being grassy, loose and scrappy.

The north and east facing cliffs contain some amazing technical and strenuous climbing on perfect rock. The coum is my favorite place to climb in Ireland.

- Harry Fogg